The University is located at a distance of 10 km from the city centre. The University Campus is spread over 960 acres of land. The University has a fleet of buses and coaches which operate regularly in order to provide transport facilities to students and staff. The University started functioning in 1975 in rented buildings with 8 departments. Presently University has 20 departments and 3 constituent colleges namely,namely; University Gilani Law College, University College of Agriculture and University College of Engineering and Technology. The University is providing the maximum possible residential facilities to the students and staff. The Bahauddin Zakariya University is a general University, providing instruction in both Arts and Science subjects. However, keeping in view the fact that agriculture is the mainstay of this region, (the place and its environs can boast of producing the country’s best silver crop (Cotton) and fruit crops (Mangoes, Citrus, and Dates), it was considered expedient to train manpower in the region for solving agricultural problems. Accordingly, a College of Agriculture was established in 1989. (The College of Agriculture and its complement, an Engineering College, form an integral part of the University Plan). The College of Engineering & Technology was established in 1994. Department of Commerce was started from November, 1996. BBA classes were started in the Department of Business Administration from October, 1996. Bachelor of Computer Science has also been introduced in the Department of Computer Science from November, 1996. B.Sc. Electrical Engineering class was started in November, 1997. Information Technology Centre was established in July 1999.


In 1975, the Government of the Punjab decided to set up four Engineering Colleges at Taxila, Multan, Faisalabad and Bahawalpur in the same order of priority. In accordance with the decision of the Punjab Cabinet, the first Engineering College initially started functioning at Sahiwal and was later, in 1978, shifted to Taxila as a second campus of the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. Later its status was raised to an independent University of Engineering and Technology. The proposal for the second College of Engineering and Technology at Multan met the approval of the ECNEC in September 1990. The College of Engineering and Technology was thus established as a Constituent College of the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. Its broad objective is to produce engineers at undergraduate level with bachelor’s degree in conventional fields of Civil, Building & Architectural, Electrical, Computer and Mechanical Engineering to meet the engineering and technological manpower requirements of the province/country. The College offers courses leading to the award of 4-Year engineering degree in Civil, Electrical, Building & Architectural, Computer and Mechanical Engineering. The College envisages to provide for teaching facilities to 1013 students at an annual intake of 243 students (in all disciplines of engineering) after the completion of the project. Due to certain spatial, financial and administrative constraints, the College started Civil Engineering Program in 1994. In 1997, Electrical Engineering Program was started. In 2004 three new disciplines namely Building & Architectural Engineering, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering were started.



The Electrical Engineering Department is imparting technical education to the students to communicate with the best standard of the world. The department will enable the students to realize their greatest potential in terms of their contribution for the betterment of the individual, society, nation and the world as a whole. The Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering is a systems oriented



Department of Civil Engineering of UCE&T is the oldest DEPARTMENT, started in January, 1994. The department has been imparting quality education to meet the technological advancement and industrial requirements. This has been made possible due to qualified and dedicated faculty, state of the art laboratories and infrastructure facilities. The department is accredited by PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL). The department has its own independent building in the campus.



The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established in 2004 and was affiliated with PEC (PAKISTAN ENGINEERING COUNCIL). Mechanical Engineering emphasizes on Design, Materials & Manufacturing, Thermal Engineering, and also interdisciplinary areas like CAD/CAM/CAE, Automation, Operational Research, Managerial Aspects of Industry, etc. The department has its own independent building in the campus.


Computer Engineering Department

The Department of Computer Engineering is enhancing and maintaining an environment of educational excellence in the computing disciplines, that offers:Exceptional growth experiences for students, faculty, and staff, motivating and empowering them by providing sufficient breadth to facilitate life-long learning and professional success.The Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering, includes a sequence of courses designed to develop advanced knowledge in computing, programming languages, digital and analog circuits, digital computer design, telecommunication systems, Local/Wide area networks (LAN/WAN), embedded control systems, and real-time systems.


Building & Architecture Engineering

The Department has become the first choice among incoming students from both Southern Punjab and the rest of Pakistan. The core success of the department lies in its unrelenting rigor and focus on teaching and learning. Academic rigor in the School is legendary which is known in the academic and professional circles across the country.

Department of Basic Sciences

The Department of Basic Sciences strives to maintain high standards of teaching in various branches specially Applied Mathematics. The faculty gives utmost care to bridge the curriculum and the modern needs. The education by department emphasis to impart applied mathematical knowledge with adequate computer skills to suit the needs of modern world.

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